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Luxes Wet Look Sealer

Luxes Wet Look Sealer is an eco friendly water based, hard wearing clear sealer designed to repel moisture and water from construction materials. It can be applied on both interior and exterior floors & walls such as Titanium floors + Walls, Granite floors , cement pavers, natural stone surfaces + slate, terracotta and clay tiles. This innovative product forms a clear film on the substrate to assist against efflorescence, staining, soiling and algal & fungal growth in addition to its water repellence.<
  • It gives wet look to the substrate & enhances the natural colour and therefore appearance of the substrate will be enriched.
  • It protects the natural beauty of Titanium floors, Granite floors, pavers by preventing efflorescence which is unsightly white deposit on floors due to environment conditions.
  • Luxes Wet Look Sealer is ideal for sealing both interior and exterior natural & reconstituted surfaces and highly trafficable surfaces.
  • This product has excellent hot tire pick up resistance. Therefore it is ideal for driveways.
  • It has excellent chemical & alkali resistance and can also be applied on new concrete.
  • Luxes Wet Look Sealer has self cleaning ability due to its excellent dirt – pick up resistance.
  • Excellent waterproofing properties of the product contributes to extended life time of the substrates , especially reinforced concrete structures, by protecting from damaging water & aggressive water-born salts such as chloride ions, efflorescence, carbonation, alkali silica reaction & biological attack.
  • Application of undiluted product on smooth surfaces may produce a glossy & slippery film. It is recommended to dilute 2 parts of the product with 1 part of water for application on smooth surfaces for good results.
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